Sudbury Ramblers

A Group within the Suffolk Area

Walking Notes

New walks Leaders always Needed!!

Thank you - to the members who have agreed to lead walks on this programme. These walks are only possible because members volunteer their time and effort to arrange and then lead a walk. New leaders are always welcome and will receive support and suggested walks from us and existing leaders. Please contact Programme Secretary- see contacts on the web site (currently Rod Sharp on 01787 311553 for further information).


The drop down menu gives information about our walks in various forms, from the RA main site (which includes a map of the area) and a printable one.
The weather tab opens the weather for Sudbury from the BBC web site. This can be tailored to find the area of the walk, type the town etc in the search field.
The walk finder shows the planned walks in out area (12 miles centered on Sudbury) but can be searched nationally for RA led walks.
Conversion of Grid references to post codes.  NOTE:  Whilst these can be used to find the start of a walk and also the Map number in both the Land Ranger and Explorer series.  
Care should be exercised as in the countryside they can be out by some considerable distance, Open this link to see an example.

General Notes for Walkers

  • Always follow the Country Code.
  • The leader is responsible for the group he/she leads. A back marker may be appointed for the walk. – You are advised not to go ahead of either the leader or the behind the back marker without advising same.
  • Start Times – Please check the programme for the start time of a walk. They differ between Summer/Winter, and bus/coach ones also vary.
  • Insurance – Members (and guests up to 3 walks) – leaders are insured under a Ramblers’ Association policy against any damage or injury caused by their own negligence.  The RA policy is NOT a personal accident policy and individual members who wish to be covered should take out their own insurance.
  • Busy roads – walk in single file facing the oncoming traffic unless otherwise instructed by the leader.
  • Leaving the walk – always inform the leader or the back marker if you wish to leave the walk.
  • Wear sensible footwear – paths can be muddy or rough underfoot at any time of the year.  You are advised to carry waterproofs in all but the most settled weather conditions.
  • Hydration – it is important to maintain your hydration when walking, particularly in hot weather and it is advisable to carry plenty to drink.
  • Fitness - Most of our walks are easy but may include hills and walkers should be reasonably fit for all walks. If in doubt, check with the Leader, the contact number is on the programme.
  • Dogs - Dogs are permitted on walks, at the discretion of the walk leader, provided they are on a short lead and under the control of the owner. Please check with the leader BEFORE bringing a dog.
  • Map/Grid References – Maps are Land Ranger except where stated otherwise. If locating the start point of a walk on the internet, the full grid reference should be used without spaces and including the letters. Post codes can be used but may cover a large area; care to be exercised if used - see link above as an example.
  • Keeping with the main group - It is easy to become separated from the main group when out walking.  Please ensure that those behind you can see where you are going when you reach a path junction.
  • Hazard warnings – sometimes the leader will point out a particular hazard to be aware of and it is vital that this warning is passed down to the person behind you.
  • These notes are intended for the benefit of all.  We walk to enjoy the countryside and the company of our friends so the main rule is:



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Walks in and around our area

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Shown on the above Calendar are walks from other local Ramblers Groups NOT just Sudbury. For more information
click on this Map of walks link and zoom in on the map.
click on date and check area for the walk. Direction obtained by clicking here, inserting the post code and yours.

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Shown on the above Calendar are our walks,  On greyed out dates there are no planned walks.
Contact us if you want to add a walk on one of these days.
There may be walks planned by other Groups, see Module in Home on the menu.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018